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3 Benefits of Using a Home Stylist to Help Sell Your House Faster


Looking to sell your house faster? Consider getting your home professionally staged.

95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less. That’s a pretty staggering figure, so it’s no wonder sellers turn to home stylists for a makeover before they put their property on the market.

So what does a home stylist do? And what are the benefits? Let’s take a look at three of them below.

A Home Stylist Adds Value

It’s amazing how many little things can increase the value of your home. It doesn’t have to be expensive renovations, either: even a little staging can add value.

We won’t say buyers are lacking imagination, but it’s true they often don’t like the mental leg-work required to picture a home as theirs. Anything you can do to present it as a home they just need to step inside will increase its perceived value.

A stylist can show your home at its best. But that doesn’t mean a complete renovation. It’s surprising what a little tactical tidying up can do. Stylists focus on the psychology of presentation to show off a home.

You Can Sell Faster

A home stylist won’t just increase the value of your home. They can also help you shift it faster.

Humans aren’t the most logical creatures. You could present the same home dressed up in two different ways and buyers would see them as radically different properties.

Taking the time to stage a home transforms it into its more desirable self. The more desirable the home, the faster it can sell. If you want your property snatched up, then a stylist is the way to go.

A Home Stylist Knows Best

It may sound obvious, but when you hire a home stylist you’re hiring an expert opinion.

A stylist doesn’t work to what they personally feel looks good – not entirely, anyway. Instead, they use their expertise to match your home to what buyers want to see.

They know how to present your home in the best possible light in the eyes of your potential buyers. That’s the real trick. Anyone can make a home look nice, but a stylist can make a home look saleable.

That’s the real difference between doing it yourself and hiring a stylist. You won’t have the experience to know what looks good to a buyer. You’re more likely to set up your home to your own preferences.

And if you’ve lived in a home for a long time, it can be tough to see it with a fresh set of eyes. Your home might end up looking tired, even if it’s a fantastic property.

Sell Your Home With Style

These are just a few good reasons you should hire a home stylist, but we’re sure you’ll agree they’re pretty compelling. If you want to make your home competitive on the market, consider hiring a stylist.

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