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Key Questions to Ask a Realtor Before Hiring One


If you are thinking of selling your home, one of the things you are concerned about is how you can sell it ASAP. Finding a ready buyer can be challenging if you are working alone.

On the other hand, it might be that you are a buyer looking to purchase the house of your dreams. In which case, you might need help finding the ideal home.

In both instances, hiring a realtor is critical and will save you a lot of trouble. Realtors have industry knowledge, experience, and resources that will make the home buying and selling process much easier for you.

If you’ve been wondering how to choose the right person, here are some questions to ask a realtor before you hire them.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

This tops the list because almost everything else depends on experience. It is important that you know how well the realtor understands their job.

Keep in mind, this has less to do with the number of years they have worked as a realtor (new agents can surprise you). It is all about how successful they are. That means, the number of deals they have helped close, the number of houses sold, their networks and their mentors–if any.

While interviewing the realtor, be keen to look into their portfolio because that will show you whether they have the experience you are looking for or not.

What Are the Neighborhoods You Know Best?

One of your primary concerns should be finding a realtor who specializes in a specific neighborhood. For instance, if you are buying, it is critical that you find somebody who will give you intricate information regarding the neighborhood such as security, schools, amenities, and transport.

The same applies if you are the one selling the home. The realtor needs to help you know some of the things home buyers are looking for. This will help put things such as whether you are selling your house for the right price in perspective.

Are You Able to Provide References?

You also need to find out whether you are working with someone who is known, not just by other realtors, but by clients they’ve helped. This is where you need to be keen since all realtors, including the new ones, should have references.

You can also inquire whether it is alright to call the provided references in case of any additional queries. Nevertheless, if you are dealing with someone who has several online reviews then these might not be necessary.

Can I Review the Forms I Will Need to Sign First?

As a gesture of good faith, the realtor needs to allow you to see the forms you will be required to sign. It is critical that you understand the terms and conditions. That means you need to read the fine print well, especially with regard to matters concerning commissions and fees.

A realtor is legally required to disclose a variety of information. Reading the forms will help you avoid any regrets.

Can I Contact You at Any Time?

Finally, you need to know how frequently you will be able to contact your soon-to-be realtor once they get the job.

If they are dealing with more than ten clients currently, it might be hard to get the attention you require from them. Ensure you find out all the details regarding how frequently they will be available to help.

Before You Ask

You need to be sure that you’ve noted down all the questions to ask the realtor beforehand.

This will help you ensure you do not forget anything. With these questions, you will easily be able to build trust and have the comfort of knowing you’ve chosen the right person.

If you have any queries about other questions to ask a realtor or more, feel at liberty to contact us here.

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