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5 Things To Consider When Buying High-End Property

In 2013, an estimated 78 percent of home buyers surveyed in NAR’s Community Preference Survey mentioned that the quality of a neighborhood is more important than the size of the house. It’s no surprise then to learn that the sales of high-end property heightened in 2017 by 11%, making it the best growth rate since 2014.

Are you interested in purchasing a luxury home in a coveted location? Or are you planning to buy a luxury home for the first time? You should consider what qualities you need in your next property and familiarize yourself with what qualities you should expect as a new luxury homeowner.

Keep reading to understand the 5 crucial things to expect as a potential owner of a high-end property in San Diego.

Prime Location

Regardless of the city, state or country, luxury homes are the ones that have the most sought-after locations. This may be atop a mountain, overlooking the sparkling lights of the city or right on the beach. Great school districts also often have nearby luxury homes in neighborhoods close to the schools.

These coveted locations also experience a constant evolution and expansion. New construction is frequent and many homes are often remodeled to match the quality and prestige of these areas.

Make sure you consider what type of location you would like to live in and what the area offers before you start your home search. This will make it easier when you actually do begin your search!


Luxury price depends on where you live. Prime location often comes with the steepest price tags when it comes to luxury properties. You may consider purchasing a luxury property that is further away from the beach or city to get more space and amenities for potentially less budget.

The lowest price for a luxury home starts from about $500,000. Prices for luxury homes often reach around $3 million or higher.


It will surprise you to know that some luxury home buyers are not necessarily in search of extravagant mansions. They just consider it an ultimate asset for their dwelling to have a story or history.

When the home is located in a noteworthy location, has historic significance, or was built by a prominent architect, the value of the property goes up. Consider these features when searching for a luxury property to invest in.

Premier Quality

The construction materials used for luxury homes cut far above what is considered standard. From the appliances to the space structure and finishes, luxury homes are designed by industry experts and skilled craftsmen. Often times, luxury homes will feature one-of-a-kind materials, custom layouts, and high-end appliances. Some luxury homes use luxe features such as Venetian plaster, marble, custom hardwood, Miele appliances, and crystals to set themselves apart from other homes on the market.

When you are investing a significant amount of money in a property, you want to ensure that you’re receiving the best possible quality for your investment. Make a list of all of your must-have features to ensure you find a luxury property that meets your specific needs.


Many high-end buyers want their homes to be safe and private. They look at their home as a safe haven and a retreat from the outside world.

This makes privacy a premium. And it can be afforded with high walls, large yards, foliage for covers, and gated entrance with security guards constantly alert for any form of disturbances. Consider these elements like these when searching for your next property to make sure you and your home are properly protected.

A high-end property can mean so many things to different people. The definition of this term is in the eye of the beholder. High-end homes typically have a few distinguishing qualities, but when it comes to purchasing your next home make sure you select the one that meets all of your needs.

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