Top 6 Latest Luxury Home Trends to Follow

  • Sonja Huter
  • 07/31/20

In the luxury market, homeowners are looking for more than a big estate. Luxury homes are also coming with some incredible amenities. From smart home technology to indoor basketball courts, this guide has the latest luxury home trends worth swooning over.
Here are a few of the coolest features to watch for on the San Diego luxury home market.

1. Sleek Designs

In terms of high-end home design trends, minimalism is the new sign of luxury. From sleek and modern designs to hidden appliances, new luxury homes are all about clean lines. Although you may not think minimalism and luxury go together, It will surprise you how many hidden features a modern luxury home can have. From integrated appliances to hidden televisions, and even secret doors, the modern luxury home is the definition of cool.

2. Smart Homes

When you have an expensive piece of real estate, making your home secure is a top priority. Technology innovations allow you to monitor cameras from your phone, control security systems from anywhere, and more. In addition to privacy and security, a luxury smart home wired with the latest technology will also come with a lot of bells and whistles. With your phone or a mainframe panel, you can control the temperature, the lighting, and even music all from the palm of your hand.

3. The Luxury Closet Size

One area where bigger is better is in a closet. In the master bedroom especially, you will likely find a closet the size of a small bedroom. You may even see huge islands in addition to dressing and sitting areas. According to Forbes, a large, luxury closet will always add value to your home.

4. Multiple Outdoor Spaces

When you’re looking at luxury real estate in San Diego, you’ll also want to pay close attention to the outdoor spaces. While a traditional home may come with a backyard and a deck, a large, luxury estate should come with multiple outdoor spaces.
In addition to the backyard, a luxury home may also have a roof deck, master deck, pool area, outdoor sports courts, and balconies off additional rooms.
When you have a large home where you entertain a lot, having several outdoor spaces is a huge selling feature. This is especially important in California, where the weather is beautiful all year round.

5. Indoor Sports

Why only have a tennis court outside when you can have an indoor basketball court? Luxury homes are all about celebrating life and embracing hobbies. If you or your kids play sports, you’ll often be able to find homes with indoor basketball courts, tennis courts, pools, or bowling alleys.

6. Multiple Kitchens

In a luxury home, you may see more than one kitchen and prep space. Whether it is in a bar area, in a butler’s pantry, or outdoors, having a few kitchens is a must in a luxury home.

Luxury Home Trends

When it comes to luxury home trends, there are a few staples every top property needs. From multiple outdoor spaces to indoor sports areas, there is no shortage of luxuries in a high-end home. Entertaining space, amazing closets, and kitchens are still huge selling features to watch for.
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