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Could Virtual Staging Earn You an Extra 9% on Your Asking Price?

Why Virtual Staging is a Hot New Trend Among Sellers

To stage or not to stage? It’s an age old question in luxury properties. Virtual staging is a potential answer and it’s earning clients as much as 9% over their ask.

The winds of change never stop blowing in the real estate market. They bring ups and downs in every area, including home inventory, interest rates, and buyer’s preferences. Marketing is another area where change happens all the time.

For example, who knew a thing called virtual staging would transform marketing strategies from traditional print and online snapshots to an intriguing tool called virtual staging?

If you’re not using it, you could cheat yourself out of a higher profit when you sell your home. Learn how a simple virtual tool could help you earn an extra 9% on your home sale.

Virtual Home Staging Basics

Most people think of staging a home in terms of rearranging the existing furniture and hiring a professional cleaning service to do a deep clean.

Traditional staging works if your home is in pristine condition and you own tasteful, high-end furniture. If your décor feels a bit stagnant, or you’ve moved out of your home, traditional staging isn’t the ideal option.

Keep in mind, today’s buyer sees inside your home through one of the many real estate websites. Through the digital lens, empty rooms resemble blank boxes. Vacant or sparsely decorated homes offer little in the way of visual appeal.

Say hello to virtual staging!

First, a professional photographer takes photos inside your home. Using software, they change the furniture, accents, and wall décor. They can also change paint color and flooring.

Talk about creating a wow factor!

Make Your Home Sparkle in the Crowd

People selling their homes today enter into stiff competition with other homes in the area. You must explore ways you can make your home stand out in the crowd.

Virtual home staging allows your realtor to present your home as a tastefully decorated space. When buyers look at a staged home, they more easily connect with it emotionally. Once they form the virtual connection, they can’t resist scheduling a showing.

A skilled photographer knows how to showcase the most appealing features of your home. For example, they can hone in on updated flooring. No buyer can resist taking a walk on a glimmering marble floor

How Much Does Virtual Staging Benefit Sellers?

Of course, all sellers hope to get the asking price for their home.

In a recent study, 31% of buyer’s agents indicated offered 1-5% more for staged homes. Another 13% claimed staged homes received 6-10% higher offers.

Whether using this marketing tool will result in a higher selling price depends on multiple factors. One thing you can feel confident of when staging your home virtually is a potential increase in interested buyers who convert from merely looking at your home online to visiting in person.

Ready to Sell Your Home?

If you’re looking for the maximum return on your marketing dollars, virtual staging is an excellent asset. Instead of viewing a blank slate, prospective buyers can imagine themselves walking through the rooms in your home.

Ready to list? Contact us! We’d love to help you sell your home.