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Enjoying the Summer Sun: The Top San Diego Beaches You Have to Check Out

San Diego isn’t just famous for its zoos, aquariums, and parks. It’s also home to over 100 beaches, some of which are considered the most beautiful in the world. 

Visitors and prospective homeowners alike can learn about the best San Diego beaches by reading below! 

1. La Jolla; Home of the Best San Diego Beaches

The name for this stretch of coves and beaches comes from the Spanish word for jewel. And it couldn’t be a more appropriate choice. In La Jolla, you’ll find several stunning beaches backed by gorgeous rock formations and home to unique wildlife.

The city hosts a variety of luxury shops and homes. It’s a must-see for any SoCal visitors, and it’s a dream location for all potential homebuyers. 

Whether you’re interested in calm waters for family play, waves fit for surfing, or an unforgettable kayaking route, La Jolla has it all.  

2. Del Mar City Beach

For a beach that’s a little off the beaten path, visit Del Mar City Beach. It’s a 2 mile stretch with great swimming, picnics, and family play.

A gentle trail runs along the accompanying bluffs that are frequented by runners and mountain bikers.

Surfers often enjoy less crowded waters and great waves.

3. Swami’s Beach

25 miles north of San Diego city is the surfer’s paradise known as Swami Beach. No wonder the Beach Boys named dropped it in their hit “Surfin’ USA”.

This long stretch of white sandy beach is home to world-class surfing. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, Swami is a worthy bucket list beach stop. 

4. Pacific Beach

Pacific beach is famous for Crystal Pier. Built in 1927 it’s now home to several charming hotel bungalows. 

The beachside boardwalk stretches for over 3 miles and is dotted with shops and eateries. 

Pacific beach is what you always imagined a SoCal hotspot to be; funky, quirky, and charming.

5. Mission Bay and Mission Beach

If you prefer gentle waters for paddleboarding or waves fit for surfing, this corner of San Diego has it all. 

The bay features long stretches of public beach that are quiet and calm. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a peaceful beach experience.

For something a little more lively, Mission beach just steps away. The rolling waves are great for surfing, and the shops and amusement park provide endless entertainment. 

Be sure to ride the old wooden roller coaster that locals call the “Giant Dipper” in-between beach volleyball matches.

6. Coronado Island

Take a bridge from downtown San Diego across the bay to the charming and quaint Coronado Island. After passing through the rows of bungalow-style homes you’ll reach the world-famous Coronado Hotel and beach.

Coronado beach is great for families since the water is shallow and relatively gentle. The 1.5-mile-long beach is covered in soft, white sand.

You can build a fire, fly a kite, or enjoy the sunset on one of California’s most famous beaches. 

Time to Hit the Water

What are you waiting for? Grab your sunscreen and towel and head to one of these unforgettable San Diego Beaches!

Once you visit, you’ll never want to leave. Contact Sonja today for help finding your San Diego dream home!