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The 4 Best Neighborhoods in San Diego for Families

From beaches; to amusement parks; to start-ups and tech companies-San Diego is a lively, multifaceted city with many different neighborhoods to satisfy even the pickiest family.  

San Diego, CA has reported a 25% drop in crime compared to the rest of California, making it a great fit for families with safety as a top priority. San Diego also has an intense comradery for small businesses so start-ups often flourish here.

If you’re looking for a community to grow within, with beautiful nature, innovative start-ups, and great schools/neighborhoods; San Diego is the place for your family. Continue reading to learn all about the best neighborhoods in San Diego!   

1. Del Mar Mesa  

Del Mar Mesa is a great choice for families who want to raise their children somewhere with an urban feel, but that’s still safe. All the public (and private) schools within the area rate an A+ in both innovative education, and safety. 

Del Mar is a semi-rural area with over 900 acres of preserved open space protected habit making this a great place for active families! It’s a beautiful place for hiking, biking, and exploring trails.

Between the low-crime, Del Mar Mesa’s beautiful environment, and the amazing local schools this is one of the best neighborhoods in San Diego; especially for young families or couples beginning to start their family.

2. La Jolla  

La Jolla is a beautiful beach town with an abundance of shops and restaurants! La Jolla Cove is a huge selling point for this town with it’s rolling sea views, and tide pools full of anemones. 

La Jolla is also full of award-winning museums, adding an aura of contemplative attraction. If you’re looking for a place to raise your family with various activities each week, this is the place for you!

3. South Oceanside  

This is an up and coming neighborhood not everyone has discovered, yet. There’s a lot of revitalization going on in South Oceanside’s business district creating an abundance of new restaurants, and shops.

The crime is low in this area, making it a great city to opt for a greener way of transportation! Lots of people report walking or biking around town as opposed to using their cars. 

This community has a strong farm-to-table mindset, with public schools teaching gardening and restaurants buying produce from the local farms. 

4. Torrey Hills  

This is one of the best neighborhoods in San Diego, purely based on the fact it’s centered around affordable, single-family homes. It’s shown that almost 59% of Torrey Hills residents own their homes. 

This is another community that focuses on outdoor activities, with beautiful parks and public art pieces, this is a great place to raise children of any age. 

Best Neighborhoods in San Diego 

No matter what you love to do; whether its something outdoors like hiking, seeing amazing art, or attending insane technology conventions, San Diego has a neighborhood that will be perfect for you. 

The best neighborhoods in San Diego have a vast variety of communities that are great for raising a family. Allow your family members to truly find themselves by being able to blossom within a community that calls to them.

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